1. Dan and Christine’s engagement session got featured on Society Bride!



  2. Last week I went to check one of my client’s wedding place. I was amazed by the scenery and I just couldn’t stop taking photos
    Such a great experience to go around a farm packed with great memories.
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  3. Family Session at McFarland, WI


  4. Tim and Stephanie’s wedding in Madison, WI.

    "Tim and Stephanie met on Match.com. The couple started talking and after rejecting Tim the first time he offered to take her out, Steph agreed to meet up for drinks a few nights later. They hit it off right away and made plans for the very next night… then the next… and then the next. Tim was quite the romantic when it came to the couples proposal. Stephanie had stayed home sick from work that Friday, but Tim kept pestering her about their dinner plans for the evening, per usual. Stephanie finally caved as Tim asked if she wanted to go the Great Dane when he got home from work and how could she refuse a man with a plan? As they stepped out of the car, Stephanie noticed that not only were they at the site of their first date, but that Tim was carrying a pizza-sized box that was bright orange and hard to miss! Tim shrugged off Steph’s nosiness and let her assume it was a belated Valentine’s gift. After eating, Stephanie asked for her gift and opened a beautiful photo album that Tim had put together for her that spanned the first year of their lives together! As she flipped through photos of Packer Games, Halloween, and suspiciously recent Badger hockey game, she had no idea Tim had scooted to the outside of the booth and had been filming on his phone. As Steph reached the last photo of a gorgeous ring, Tim knelt on one knee right there at the restaurant and proposed! Stephanie loves her ring and her photo album- she’s happy to shown you both!"


  5. Jesse and Dani’s wedding at the Over the Vines - Edgerton, WI

    "Just before sunset one evening in late September, Dani suggested we take out our canoe one last time before we put it away for the season (Jesse had planted the idea in her head earlier in the afternoon). We approached the shore as our leisurely hour in the canoe was coming to an end when the canoe started to rock. Dani felt a tap on her shoulder and turned around to find Jesse on his knees right behind her in the canoe, with a ring in hand. We had already discussed and known the question and the answer for quite some time, but it was a very special moment nonetheless. And the canoe didn’t tip over! After taking some selfies we walked 2 blocks back to our house to find flowers and a beautiful candle lit dinner of some of our Madison favorites on the dining room table, mac’n’cheese pizza and thai food (thanks Matt and Andrea!). Oh yea, and the next weekend we left for a two week trip to Italy!"