1. Frank ans Melissa’s wedding at Wausau, WI

    On August 19, 2012, Melissa prayed, “Lord, how am I ever going to meet someone?” as she drove to the Arizona hospital where she worked.  As she walked through the door a good-looking physician struck up a conversation about church and her interest was piqued.   Fortunately, so was Frank’s, and after a 5K first-date/race, a secret romance developed between the pair but they didn’t make their coworkers privy to their status.  A year and a half of running races and jetting around the country led to a proposal.  Frank sent Melissa on an “Amazing Race” adventure to their Phoenix area favorites, ending on bended knee under the Arizona twilight and the twinkle on Melissa’s finger shined light on their secret love affair.  Eight months later the pair traveled to Melissa’s hometown of Wausau, Wisconsin, to tie the knot in what Melissa describes as an evening of, “answered prayers and romantic elegance.”


  2. Kevin and Katie’s wedding at Madison, WI

    How they met

    We met as freshmen in college at University of the Pacific. We were good friends for months and then started dating at the beginning of our sophomore year. Kevin proposed in November 2013 and this August 2014 we will celebrate 5 years together!”

    How they got engaged

    It was the day before Thanksgiving. Kevin asked me if I could get off work early in order to take a quick drive up north to John Muir Beach before heading south to his hometown in Morgan Hill for the holiday weekend. I told him that an early departure around 3:00pm seemed reasonable but not to expect anything. Kevin got off work around 12:00pm and continued to text & call me for the next couple of hours. I was able to get off work around 3:00pm and we were on our way. Kevin later told me that he was extremely anxious driving around San Francisco with the wedding ring in tow as he waited for me…

    We drove across the Golden Gate Bridge and arrived at John Muir Beach about 30 minutes later, and I immediately wished that I had brought a warmer coat. It was cold and windy, but still very beautiful along the coast. We took a stroll down to a favorite lookout area and passed a number of tourists. I sensed Kevin was a little out of his element; he was not acting his casual self, yet I did not want to assume anything was out of the ordinary. After four years of dating, Kevin and I had certainly broached the topic of marriage and the next steps in our relationship. However, a few weeks before Thanksgiving, Kevin mentioned that his proposal would come closer to the Christmas holiday than Thanksgiving. Little did I know he was bluffing…

    Kevin continued to take pictures and I started to get a little irritable. I was cold and anxious to arrive at his parent's house, where I could get cozy and catch up on all my favorite TV shows. I suggested we leave the lookout area and enjoy the view from a picnic table near our car. I thought it would help him relax but he wouldn't take the bait. Instead, he asked a random lady to take our picture. We smiled for the camera and then as she proceeded to take another, I turned and noticed that Kevin was down on one knee with the ring out and asking me to marry him. I freaked out at first and told him to "get up!" Then, of course, I said "yes"..."http://www.uedaphotography.com/Wedding-photography-madison-wi

  3. Alex and Julie’s wedding at Belleville, WI

    Alex and Julie met when they were AmeriCorps members serving at Twin Cities Habitat for Humanity. When they get married, they will be celebrating nearly five years together.
    During a trip to Alaska in August, Alex and Julie took a tiny plane into Denali National Park and landed on a glacier where Alex popped the question.”


  4. Clarence and Anna’s engagement session at Madison, WI


  5. Family pictures in Madison, WI